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Count on Our Team for Smoke Damage Restoration

Experiencing a fire at your home or business can be devastating and traumatizing. You don’t need to face it alone. Our team at Arizona Restoration Pros is here to help you through this overwhelming time.

If the smoke damage restoration process feels foreign and stressful to you, you don’t need to worry. Our team has years of experience restoring homes and businesses after smoke damage. Give us a call today now, and we can get started.

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Emergency Response

Speed matters when it comes to limiting the damage to your property after a fire. We take 24/7 emergency calls.

Customer Service

Trust your property’s recovery to our knowledgeable, trained, and experienced smoke damage restoration team.

Emergency Response

The quality of your experience is at the heart of everything we do. We will go the extra mile to ensure you get the service you deserve.

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What to Expect

Comprehensive Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

Emergency Board-Up and Stabilization

Our first step is to board up your property to protect it from the elements and crime. We also do any necessary structural stabilizations. 

Damage Assessment

We assess the smoke damage and create a plan for restoration.

Water Damage Cleanup

When fires are extinguished with water, it leaves behind water damage. We perform water damage restoration processes like extraction and drying.

Smoke and Soot Removal

We remove smoke and soot residue from your home to prevent further damage.

Odor Removal

We eliminate dangerous odors and unpleasant smells.


We repair and rebuild parts of your home to restore it back to pre-loss condition.

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Our 3 Step Process

Call us immediately after your property experiences fire damage.

We use specialized equipment and techniques to restore your property.

Your life can get back to normal with your newly restored property.

You deserve the quickest restoration possible. Smoke damage can worsen over time. Soot, smoke, and water all damage your property over time. Arizona Restoration Pros saves you time when it matters with our emergency response team and efficient restoration. Call now to get started.

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